Legislation for Child-resistant packaging for pharmaceuticals Needed


The draft European standard prEN 14375 almost failed the formal vote.

The draft European standard prEN 14375 "Child-resistant non-reclosable packaging for pharmaceutical products - Requirements and testing" almost failed the formal vote. It received 72% of YES votes. This is just one percent more than the required 71% necessary for adoption of a standard.

ANEC actively lobbied for a negative vote on this standard which allows up to 8 units of pharmaceutical products to be opened by a child, irrespective of the toxicological effects of the pharmaceutical products.

A study commissioned by ANEC in 2002 showed that less than 8 ingested tablets of some pharmaceuticals can seriously damage the health of a child. In certain cases, even less than 1 pill can kill a child. ANEC will take further steps and ask for legislation in this area. Until then, the above-mentioned standard will apply.

Source: www.anec.org

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