Adoption of Child Safety Guidelines failed again in CEN


At the beginning of 2004, the draft Guide, 'Child safety: guidelines for its inclusion in Standards' was not accepted by the CEN Technical Board due to a fundamental disagreement from France and a negative vote from Germany. The CEN/BT TCMG (management group) decided at its March 2004 meeting to ask CEN/BT WG 117 Child Safety to hold a further meeting to try to solve the outstanding problems. A WG117 meeting was held at the beginning of June 2004 and was attended by ANEC. Some changes were made to the draft guide. A new draft CEN/BT resolution was sent out to the CEN/BT for approval by correspondence by 30 September 2004. ANEC strongly lobbied its members for the adoption of the guide. Unfortunately, the adoption failed once again because of another fundamental disagreement from France. ANEC strongly regrets that efforts to advance child safety in Europe are repeatedly blocked.


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