Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health


The Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health brought together health ministers and environment ministers, intergovernmental organisations and civil society organisations.

The theme of the Conference was "The future for our children" and it placed in the spotlight the measures that Member States can take to address the impact that a contaminated environment has on children's health.

The Conference was preceded by four intergovernmental meetings, to which all Member States were invited, which negotiated the proposed Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe and the Conference Declaration that was signed and endorsed by 52 Member States in Europe.

The European Child Safety Alliance participated in all the intergovernmental meetings (2001 till 2004) to provide technical expertise and advocated for child injury as one of the four regional priority goals (RPG) to be addressed and was taken on board:

  • RPG I: ensure safe water and adequate sanitation
  • RPG II: ensure protection from injuries and adequate physical activity
  • RPG III: ensure clean outdoor and indoor air
  • RPG IV: aim at chemical-free environments

This Conference was the fourth in a series of Ministerial Conferences that have taken place (in Frankfurt 1989, Helsinki 1994; London 1999). The European Environment and Health Committee provided the steering group for the Conference. The Fifth Ministerial Conference will be hosted by Italy in 2009.

Technical and advocacy work continues by the European Child Safety Alliance to assist Member States to ensure injuries is addressed as on of the regional priority goals. This work is taken up in the context of the Child Safety Action Plan (CSAP) project which 18 Member States are participating in. Reporting for all regional priority goals for Member States will take place in 2007.

WHO Resolution on the prevention of injuries

The WHO Regional Committee for Europe adopted a Resolution addressing the prevention of injuries in the European Region at its 55th session in September 2005. This resolution is a key advocacy document that also supports the need for child injury prevention and safety promotion.

The European Child Safety Alliance provided input and technical review to the resolution and had the honour of being a guest speaker at the session. This presentation was to highlight the importance and success of partnership ventures with the WHO and NGO's such as our child safety network.

Please find attached the presentation held by Joanne Vincenten, director European Child Safety Alliance at the Budapest conference. Strategic partnerships and alliances (PPT 1.26mb).

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