Press release: Child Safety Good Practice Guide


More children's lives would be saved with investments in proven good practice in safety.

Injuries to children could be reduced if proven safety strategies were adopted and implemented across all European countries. A new publication, the 'Child Safety Good Practice Guide' was launched June 26th by the European Child Safety Alliance – EuroSafe3 at the 1st European Conference for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. The Guide provides guidance on what those proven effective strategies are.

Press release

The aim of this Good Practices Guide is to help professionals find evidence-based and practical ways to prevent injuries among young people in Europe - with partial focus on risk-taking behaviour. The focus of interventions is on prevention of intentional and unintentional injuries and risk-taking behaviours among young people; but also information on promising measures in the field is provided.

The guide is meant to be a practical handbook for professionals working in the field of injury prevention among young people between the ages 15–24.

Download the good practice guide (2006) (PDF 199kb)

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