Child Safety Action Plans


With the official funding for the Child Safety Action Plan (CSAP) project ending March 31, 2007, country partners are busy working on moving as far along their action planning process as possible.

While the 18 countries remain at different stages in the process the Alliance is pleased that several countries have completed their plans and working on obtaining government endorsement. Although the action plans are the final goal there are many other useful deliverables coming out of project. A set of core indicators including action indicators and socio-demographic measures with associated data collection tools has been developed and will report on those for the 18 participating countries, the Child Safety Good Practice Guide: Good investments in unintentional child injury prevention and safety promotion has been written and released, an action planning process and workshop for countries has been developed, la Directory of Child Safety Programmers, Researchers and Policy Makers has been launched and a feasibility study looking into conducting a burden of child injury study for Europe has been conducted. Finally the Alliance is preparing a final report that examines what has been achieved and what the partners have learned through participation in the process. However the end of funding does not mean the end of the CSAP project. Country partners will continue to work on completing their action plans in 2007 and the Alliance will continue to support them as they move from planning to working with their national partners to implement the plans. The Alliance is also looking forward to the opportunity to report on the project at the Intergovernmental Mid Term Review (IMR) Conference of the Budapest Declaration and the Children’s Environmental land Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE) that will take place 13-15 June in Vienna. Hosted by the Austrian government and organised by the World Health Organisation, the Conference will provide an opportunity to share the contribution the CSAP project has made to Regional Priority Goal II of the CEHAPE in the participating countries and to launch a number of CSAP related advocacy products.

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