Child Road Safety


Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death and severe injuries among children aged 0–14 years and are the cause for 34% of child injury deaths annually. This includes pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicle passengers.

An estimated 200,000 families per year suffer from the death or lifelong disability of at least one family member due to a road traffic injury in the European Union (EU). EU Member States are performing very differently in regards children’s road safety. This explains why there is almost a 10 times greater risk of a child dying due to a road traffic injury in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia than the best performing countries in Europe, such as Sweden.

Therefore the European Child Safety Alliance will be supporting action to promote road safety for children as part of the Global Road Safety Week April 23-29, 2007. A Child Road Safety Fact Sheet has been prepared and will be communicated by our Country partners throughout Europe to complement national action that is taking place. The Alliance is also partnering with the VOICE network for Vulnerable Road Users and will select and promote 2 awards during this week in the prominent European Voice Magazine in Brussels that will feature children and youth road related action. In addition the Alliance is also supporting our business partner Johnson and Johnson Europe to enhance their company safe fleet programme to ensure additional attention for children's road safety is part of their actions during this Road Safety Week. It is hoped that the additional actions the Alliance and its country partners take over this Road Safety Week will help to raise the needed awareness for enhanced road safety for children.

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