Home Safety Campaign launched


The European Child Safety Alliance’s steering committee met in Brussels November 30 to launch their home safety campaign across Europe.

To date 22 countries are participating in this campaign that effects children in all Member States as one of the prime locations where children are injured, especially those that are the youngest as they spend the majority of their time at home.

The following new campaign resources have been developed and posted on the Alliance website:

Home safety fact sheets

Current facts and figures in Europe that relate to children’s injuries while at home, using examples from various Member States and listing proven good practice with recommendations for the way forward for home safety. Fact sheet topics include: burns and scalds, choking, strangulation and suffocation, falls, homicide, poisoning, suicide, and water safety.

Parent Tip Sheets

Practical prevention information aimed at parents and caregivers of children to become aware of the dangers of home injuries and what action can be taken to prevent these injuries and immediate first aid if needed. Parent tip sheet topics include: burns and scalds, choking, strangulation and suffocation, drowning, falls, poisoning, suicide and shaken baby syndrome.

Product Safety Guide; Potentially Dangerous Products for Children:

Practical information for consumers and professionals about the hazards that a child encounters with products in and around the home and key points to consider in the purchase of child products and their safe usage. Products in this guide include everything from adult beds to window blind cords and can be reviewed as an entire document or searched by product.

Over the next 3 years Member States and the Alliance will be undertaking various activities to support the SAFE AT HOME campaign, which will be updated regularly on our website.

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