Commission meeting of Expert Group on Toy Safety


At the March meeting of the European Commission's Expert Group on Toy Safety, participants were informed that all parts of the revision of the Toy Safety Directive have now been settled with the exception of the chemicals part.

An impact assessment for the proposed changes to the Directive, as well as a separate assessment for the chemicals part will be carried out shortly, and a public consultation will also be launched in the near future. The idea would be for the Commission to adopt the proposal for a revised Directive in November 2007.

A presentation of the study's results on certain chemicals used in toys was given, and the Commission will consider reconvening the chemicals group. A presentation was also given by CEREPRI (Centre for Research and Prevention of Injuries) on behalf of the ANEC Child Safety Working Group on the risk of toys in food. CEREPRI asked the Commission to put requirements in the Toy Directive in order to cover these risks. Although ANEC and several Member States supported this, the Commission was still not convinced that the toy-food combination presents a risk. Participants in favour of requirements were asked to submit proposals.

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