Children and violence


In coordination with the European Child Safety Alliance spring meeting a child and violence seminar was hosted by Safe Kids Austria on June 12, 2007.

The objectives of this half day seminar were to:

  • Provide a greater understanding of the topic "children and violence" for Alliance country members;
  • Determine who is doing what related to children and violence in the European Region and in Member States and how that work relates to Alliance country members' current activities in children's unintentional injury;
  • Determine what action or linking the Alliance and its members should undertake to address children and violence related to it's recently launched home safety campaign.

The seminar was opened by Dr. Katharina Purtscher, LSF Hospital Graz who addressed the scope of the issue and its relationship to child development followed by Dr. Dinesh Sethi, of WHO-Europe who described the size of the problem. Models of good practice to address children and violence in Europe were then shared by Dr. Erwin van Kerschaver of Kind and Gezin (Child and Family) followed by the results of an environmental scan of children and violence: actions and actors in Europe and Member States by Ms. Klara Johansson, Karolinska Institute. An open discussion by all participants followed with the conclusion to prepare a statement on the position of intentional related injuries in the home environment to be included with campaign materials and posted on the website.

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