European Parliament votes against Lulling report on minimum excise duties on alcohol


Eurocare Press Release

Eurocare welcomes the results of the voting in the European Parliament on the minimum excise duties. The Members of the European Parliament have today voted against the adoption of the report prepared by the vice-chairman of the Beer group in the European Parliament, the MEP from Luxembourg, Ms Astrid Lulling, on minimum excise duties on alcohol.

Eurocare welcomes the results of this voting against this proposal that serves the interests of the alcohol industry at the expense of the interests of the health and social wellbeing of European citizens.

The report prepared by Ms Astrid Lulling, contained two major proposals that where of great concern to the health NGOs, namely;

  • The elimination of the minimum excise duties on alcohol
  • A Code of Conduct establishing that those Member States levying excise duty rates above the EU average should freeze and reduce them gradually.

By treating alcohol merely as a product that is traded the report ignored the fact that alcohol is responsible for 7,4% of all ill-health and premature death, is the cause of some 60 diseases and conditions; and it is also a key cause of harm to people other than the drinker, including crime, violence and injuries, and therefore should not be regarded simply as an ordinary commodity.

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