Successes for the European Child Safety Alliance

ECSA Spanish campaign award 9th world conference


At the 9th World Conference for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, Merida, Mexico, March 14 - 18, 2008

The 9th World Congress was a successful event with some 1200 participants attending world-wide. A number of researchers and practitioners specialising in the field of child injury prevention were also present and participated through oral and poster presentations.

An awards programme was part of the congress and we are pleased to announce two awards were granted as part of the European Child Safety Alliance and its partners:

1) The International Safety Media Award for Ultra Short Video Gold

This was awarded to the Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo, PromociĆ³n de Salud y Epidemiologia for their home safety campaign production. The campaign was disseminated through radio and TV during September 2007 and the posters and brochures were widely distributed throughout the winter. For more information see the powerpoint presentation (PPT 1.2mb).

The award was collected by a representative of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs of Spain.

2) The best poster abstract

This was awarded to the European Child Safety Alliance for its poster abstract (PPT 809kb): Availability & affordability of routinely recommended child safety devices in 18 countries in Europe, J.M. MacKay and J. Vincenten. This was for the Capacity Building section of the 9th World Conference. Download the powerpoint presentation.

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