New water safety guidelines launched


Protecting children and youths in water recreation

The European Child Safety Alliance and EuroSafe today launched a document entitled "Protecting children and youth in water recreation: safety guidelines for service providers" in cooperation with Commissioner of Consumers, Meglena Kuneva, and Chair of the Internal Market and Consumers Protection Committee, Arlene McCarthy.

Drowning is the second leading cause of injury death to children in Europe. Children and youth are at increased risk of drowning or being injured in the water while on holiday. Yet according to the European Child Safety Alliance, most these injuries are preventable with basic safety measures that can be supported by water-related service providers.

Water safety guidelines for service providers

Arlene McCarthy

Commissioner Kuneva with Chair Arlene McCarthy

This unique water safety resource is specifically tailored towards people working in the water recreation and tourism sectors to assist them in offering safe water related activities and services for children and families throughout Europe.

Developed with the support of the European Commission and in collaboration with professional water recreation associations and injury prevention experts across Europe, these guidelines provide informative facts on injuries and hazards, and outline specific safety recommendations for 13 common water settings and sports in order to encourage safe water related activities for children ages 0- 18 years of age. The intent of the guidelines is to support those working in the water recreation industry throughout the European Union – whether as a hotel manager, a rental provider or tour operator – to fulfill their responsibilities for safe services. Implementation of the guideline recommendations will enhance good safety practices that will help to save children's lives.

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Protecting children and youths in water recreation: safety guidelines for service providers.

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1. Foreward by Meglena Kuneva, European Commissioner for Consumers
Table of contents

Water safety fact sheets

2. Tourism and water-related injuries
3. Alcohol, boating and water recreation

Protecting your business and your customers

4. Responsibilities of service providers in the EU
The importance of risk assessment
Criteria for assessment of safe services

Guidelines for specific activities and settings

Swim sports

5. Snorkeling
6. SCUBA diving

Boating sports

7. Canoeing and kayaking
8. Sailing
9. Personal Watercraft
10. Motorboats
11. Tow sports (water-skiing, tow inflatables)

Wind sports

12. Kite surfing
13. Windsurfing

Water settings

14. Safety by the waterside
15. Swimming pools on holiday properties
16. Waterslides
17. Further resources
European Child Safety Alliance country partners

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