Moving forward with CSAP


The launch of the Child Safety Report Cards, part of the Child Safety Action Plan project carried out by the European Child Safety Alliance, on November 20, 2007 in Brussels was a huge success. The launch included parallel launches in 14 countries and generated interest in the media nationally and at the European level. It has resulted in a closer working relationship with MEP Arlene McCarthy's office and the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee she chairs and for countries increased interest and awareness as they move forward with their action planning.

Two other countries (Poland and Hungary) have since gone on to hold their national launches of their report cards and the second country, Scotland, launched their Child Safety Action Plan (the Czech Republic received government endorsement and launched in August of this year). But the momentum does not end there, beginning in 2008 nineteen new countries are being invited to participate in the initiative. Cyprus who developed a Child Safety Action Plan independently as an observer country in the first phase will now come into the project as an active partner. Twelve new countries eligible for Commission funding will be invited to participate: Bulgaria, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey, with three of those countries representing the first steps of an exciting new partnership with UNICEF to move the project into the broader European region. An additional three countries have requested to participate as self-funded partners (Israel, Switzerland and Wales) and three others will be asked to consider at minimum being observers (Croatia, England and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). The first face-to-face meeting for the 37 countries will be in Nicosia, Cyprus where the Ministry of Health will host the Child Safety Action Plan initiative in April.

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