New water safety resources


The European Child Safety Alliance is pleased to announce it will release two new water safety resources this spring. The first is "Protecting children and youths in water recreation: safety guidelines for service providers." The target of these guidelines is water recreation service providers across Europe, with particular focus on the tourism sector, and the aim is to help providers of recreation services identify hazards and minimise risks to children through safe practices.

"Protecting children and youths in water recreation" provides a wealth of water-related injury facts and safety recommendations for a variety of specific activities. This 60 page resource contains fact sheets which highlight risks to tourists and the dangers of combining alcohol with water recreation. Further sections discuss the responsibilities of service providers in the EU, and provide guidance on performing risk assessments. In order to tailor the risk assessment specifically to safety of services, the Alliance worked with Intertek RAM to create a series of risk assessment questions utilising the six criteria identified by the European Commission as the components of safe services. Additionally, comprehensive safety recommendations for 13 common water recreation activities were developed with input from safety and recreation organisations and associations for the following activities: canoeing and kayaking, kite surfing, motorboats, personal watercraft, sailing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, swimming pools on holiday properties, tow sports, waterside activities, waterslides, and windsurfing.

"Protecting children and youths in water recreation" will be available on the Alliance website in spring. Individual versions of each section will also be posted for those who are only interested in specific activities and pieces.

The second new resource is a water safety booklet which consolidates a wide range of water safety information in one handy place. Pulling knowledge from the "Water Wise" consumer campaign, the water related policy indicator research from the Child Safety Report Cards, a water safety data report, and the safety of services campaign materials, this new resource provides a thorough overview of the status of water safety in Europe. Geared towards a broad audience, this booklet will serve as a useful resource for policy makers and injury prevention stakeholders, and will be available on the Alliance website this spring at:, or contact the Alliance at

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