Alcohol will be on the agenda of the Swedish presidency of the EU


From the 1st of July 2009, Sweden will for six moths hold the presidency of the EU. As it did in 2001, Sweden will have alcohol on the agenda.

Sweden has announced that in addition to following up the progress made in the implementation of the EU Alcohol Strategy approved in 2006, the Swedish Presidency will explore opportunities to further the development of public health-oriented alcohol policies.

During its presidency of the EU, Sweden will focus on four priority areas:

  1. Alcohol advertising and commercial communications
  2. Alcohol and ageing
  3. Cross-border trade of alcoholic beverages
  4. Harm caused by alcohol to the unborn child

Planned fora for addressing the alcohol issues:

  • Informal Ministerial Meeting in the first week of July
  • Swedish Presidency Expert Meeting (Stockholm, 21-22 September), back to back with Global meeting on Alcohol, Health and Social development (23 September)
  • Alcohol policy on the agenda of EPSCO in December 2009

First Global Expert meeting on Alcohol, Health and Social development (Stockholm, 23 September 2009). The focus of the meeting will be on the impact of harmful use of alcohol on social development, as well as its contribution to spreading of infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.


In order to assist the Swedish organisers of the presidency, Nordan and Eurocare would be very grateful for any documents, information on best practices etc from your country relating to any of the four abovementioned areas with a short summary in English.

Please send this information to the NordAN Secretariat at and the Eurocare Secretariat at Deadline to send in contributions: before mid January. More information and source:

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