Child Safety House Graz received communication award


The Austrian Academy for Preventive Medicine and Health Communication launched the first Austrian Award for Health Communications.

The Award took place under the auspices of the Austrian Minister of Health, Alois Stöger. The target is to award the price to those, who gave an extraordinary example of innovative health communication in Austria. In May this year the jury elected the BÄRENBURG, the Child Safety House Graz, to one of the three winners.

The BÄRENBURG, the first Austrian Child Safety House at the Children’s Medical Centre of the University Hospital Graz, presents vividly for children and adults, where sources of danger and accidents are hidden in private homes. The BÄRENBURG also shows how these risk areas may be detected and mitigated deactivated, in order to transform your private home and garden into a safe place for children to grow up. Inaugurated in September 2008 the Austrian Child Safety House was built by GROSSE SCHÜTZEN KLEINE – Safe Kids Austria following an Australian model.

Gudula Brandmayr und Gabriele Blaschitz from GROSSE SCHÜTZEN KLEINE (left in the picture) received the price from Hon.Prof.Dr. Robert Schlögel, Vice president of the Austrian Academy of Preventive Medicine and Health Communication & head of the prevention department in the Federal Ministry of Health.

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