Alliance co-signs letter to Transport Commissioner Kallas in support of new road safety targets


The European Child Safety Alliance is a co-signatory on an open letter from European Transport Safety Council to Vice President Kallas, the new Commissioner of Transport, in support of ambitious targets for road safety.

This spring, the European Commission will be publishing their 4th Road Safety Action Programme. Ambitious goals from the previous Road Safety Action Programme adopted in 2001 helped reduce road fatalities by 28% between years 2001 – 2008. Still, despite this achievement, the following figures demonstrate the importance of this issue to Europe:

  • Road traffic injuries kill 16,400 children and young people (0 to 19 years of age) each year in the European region
  • Road accidents caused 34% of child injury deaths in Europe
  • Road traffic injuries remain the leading cause of death among European children 5 to 19 years of age, despite recent improvements in some countries.

The Alliance and other signatories are supporting the target of a 40% reduction in road fatalities AND serious injuries. This would mark the first time non-fatal injuries were included in the Programme. Measures to focus on include those related to speeding, drink and drug driving, and non seat belt and child restraint use. Road related accidents are the number one cause of injury death in Europe, and children We encourage the European Commission to maintain diligence and ambition on road safety targets in order to continue saving lives.

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