EU event warns of corporate influence on health policies


The launch of a new policy review served as an opportunity for EU policy experts to warn that the health of citizens must be kept at the forefront of health policy formation, as opposed to the profit-oriented wishes of industry.

Joanne Vincenten at 'Better Regulation from economic to citizen centric' policy review launch Brussels Feb 24, 2010.jpg

The event, titled 'Better Regulation: From Economic to Citizen Centric,' focused on a new policy review, "The Origin of Better Regulation: The Disturbing Truth." This review thoroughly explores how tobacco lobbies worked the political system to overly influence EU health policy in a way that has been detrimental to citizens. The review was highlighted as just one example of the tactics industry uses to undermine health policy in the name of profit. The review raises a warning flag that undue influence of corporate interests is increasingly threatening future health policies. European institutions are urged to prioritise citizenĀ“s health over industry.

MEP Arlene McCarthy said 'it is my job as a legislator to ensure that the health and environmental concerns of citizens are heard as loudly as the voice of business and industry. That is why I am giving a platform in the European Parliament for this important event.'

Joanne Vincenten, Director of the European Child Safety Alliance raised the following intervention at the event: 'In a policy context, risk assessment is designed to help inform decisions about whether legislative intervention is required to help manage a particular risk. It is thus usually undertaken early in the policy making process, in advance or at a preliminary stage of impact assessment. What would be the recommendation to ensure that risk assessment is not biased in favour of corporate interests so that the policies in question can adequately protect health and the environment?'

Participants at 'Better Regulation from economic to citizen centric' policy review launch Brussels, Feb 24 2010

To download the press release, the policy review, and the event report please see: Better Regulation: From economic to citizen centric.

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