10th Anniversary Celebration of Child Safety Day in Germany


German Minister of Health Dr. Philipp Rösler at Child Safety Day 2010 in Berlin

Each year for 10 years now, June 10 has been the date of national Child Safety Day in Germany, a special event held to increase awareness of child injuries and preventive measures.

European Child Safety Alliance partner Mehr Sicherheit für Kinder, which organises the event, aims to remind people on this day that injuries are the number one risk for children, most often occurring at home or during leisure time, and that everybody can do something to help reduce the numbers of injured children.

To celebrate the decade milestone, Mehr Sicherheit für Kinder planned an expanded programme under the motto "10 Years in Action: Child Safety Day 2010." Events included an expert conference with over 70 guests from Germany and abroad, as well as a lively evening programme. German Minister of Health Dr. Phillip Rösler, who participated in the event, stated ".Children's injuries most often occur in the home. Therefore it is important for parents to know how they can best protect their children. Often its very simple measures such as covering electric outlets, or making drawers child-safe. Mehr Sicherheit für Kinder supports parents through information and educating that prevention is the best protection for children. " European Child Safety Alliance Director Joanne Vincenten complemeted the 10 year theme with an overview of 10 years of action on the EU level in support of child safety.

Along with data, facts, and information on preventive measures, Mehr Sicherheit für Kinder and their partners presented a series of cooperative actions and concepts to reduce child injuries, and made a video presentation with highlights from the 10 years of Child Safety Day. The event was also an opportunity to highlight their annual campaign, "Run. Jump. Climb. Sure You Can!," which focuses on fall prevention in pre-schools and kindergartens, where over 70% of injuries are due to falls. The resource package can be found on the website, www.kindersicherheit.de

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