Working on safer products imported to Europe


ECSA was invited to present at the European Union Consumer and Product Safety Day parallel to the tri-lateral summit meetings between the EU, USA and China in Shanghai on October 25 and 26, 2010. More than 70% of children's toys and childcare products in Europe are manufactured in China.

In the opening session on Basic Principles of EU Consumer Policy, Health and Consumers Commissioner John Dalli emphasised that it is "safety first" for the EU, and this was supported in the presentation by Joanne Vincenten of ECSA, who shared approaches to advancing child safety policies in Europe for professionals, politicians, and parents.

The focus of the discussions was on understanding how to achieve higher quality and safety standards for products, with a key conclusion that safety needs to be included well upfront in the planning process to ensure effective design and manufacturing.

Collaborative work was agreed upon between the EU and China with commitments signed by Ms Paola Testori Coggi, Director General, DG Health and Consumers, European Commission and Mr Wu Zhen, Deputy Commissioner, State Food and Drug Administration People's Republic of China, witnessed by Commissioner Mr John Dalli.

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