WHO releases short course series on injury and violence

Violence and injury prevention short courses provide a complete training resource for facilitators around the world. Each course addresses a specific injury or violence area and is designed to be delivered over 2-5 days. These "trainings in a box" can be downloaded from our website free of charge.

Four courses are available for download at the moment:

  • Child maltreatment prevention
  • Intimate partner and sexual violence prevention
  • Trauma care system planning and management
  • Trauma care quality improvement

Each short course follows the same modular format and contains: a facilitator's guide to orient the facilitator to the material; training modules which include PowerPoint presentations and notes for facilitators; and supporting resources such as handouts and case studies. The courses have been developed on the basis of a wide range of WHO materials and additional courses will be developed in the future.

Download course materials.

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