Alcohol and injuries to children in Europe


Europeans consume more alcohol than anywhere else in the world, and alcohol is the primary risk factor leading to accidents, injuries and violence. Whether in the form of accidents or abuse, children are very often the victims. Nearly 10% of children in the EU live in families adversely affected by alcohol, and nearly 20% of all child homicides in the EU can be attributed to alcohol.

Adolescents and teens who drink are at very high risk of injuries or death to motor vehicle accidents and other injuries, as well as more likely to be engaged in violence. The emotional impact and the financial burden of the effects of alcohol abuse are extraordinary. It is estimated that 20% of sick leave is related to alcohol related illnesses and injuries.

The relationship of alcohol to injuries in Europe was addressed by Eurocare (the European Alcohol Policy Alliance) at the 3rd European injury prevention conference held in Budapest on June 16, 2011. Eurocare, in collaboration with Active - sobriety, friendship and peace, strongly urged that public health programmes recognise and address the role of alcohol in injuries, and reduce injuries by supporting better alcohol policies. Targeted policy areas include increased enforcement of drink driving regulations, enforcement of policies related to youth and alcohol sales, as well as alcohol sales at large events.

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