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ECSA supports the European Charter for Health Equity: Sign now to show your support too!


With the approval of over 30 country partners, the European Child Safety Alliance has added its voice to the growing number of organisations signing on to the European Charter for Health Equity. This important charter has been prepared under the European Public Health Alliance's leadership and will be presented to European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, at EPHA's annual conference on April 14. All stakeholder working in health, poverty and human rights are urged to sign on to the charter before the end of March deadline.

The aim of the charter is to urge action to be taken by all stakeholders, civil society organisations and the European Commission on regional, national and international levels in order to better protect Europe's more vulnerable citizens.

Inequalities between and within Member States is a critical factor in addressing child safety issues and is central to activities of the Alliance, including the Alliance's new TACTICS project which will run through 2014 and specifically targets inequalities on national and regional levels in over 30 European countries.

As with many health conditions, childhood deaths from injury are strongly associated with poverty, single parenthood, low maternal education, low maternal age at birth, poor housing, large family size, and parental alcohol use or drug abuse.

Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of inequality in childhood death, for both males and females. Data shows that the greatest inequalities are in children, rather than any other age groups, re-emphasising their vulnerability to socioeconomic factors. Studies from Greece, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom demonstrate that children from less affluent areas suffer and die from injuries much more frequently than their more affluent peers.

Child injury rates which can be tied to inequalities are clearly indicated in a number of the most common risks, including: road traffic injuries, drowning, poisoning, thermal injuries and falls.

We hope that support of this charter will create greater commitment to our shared vision of a coordinated strategy to develop and implement action and policies which will identify, monitor and ultimately reduce health inequalities, including their clear impact on child injury rates.

For more information and to read the European Charter for Health Equity, please visit

To read more about health inequalities and child injury, please see ECSA's "Consultation Paper Response: EU action to reduce health inequalities." (PDF 54kb)

To learn more on effective actions which can be implemented to reduce child injury rates in Europe, please see Child Safety Good Practice Guide: good investments in unintentional child injury prevention and safety promotion (PDF 3.4mb).

For information on how ECSA is addressing inequalities in child injury rates, please see the overview of our TACTICS project which will run from 2011- 2014.

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