First Swedish Child Safety Conference

Conference speakers

The Child Safety Forum carried out its first national conference in Karlstad (Sweden) on October 3-4. The conference was attended by nearly 170 delegates, an impressive turnout for a newly established event. An initiative of The Swedish Child Safety Council, the conference was made possible and organized by The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. Based on the positive feedback, it has been determined The Child Safety Forum will take place every other year, the next in Autumn 2013.

The aim for the conference was to establish a meeting place for those working with children and their safety at the local and regional level. The conference started off with an annual meeting assembling the participating agencies within the Child Safety Council, who also made an appearance in a panel debate later that same day.

The first day of the conference then continued with plenary presentations describing the field of child safety in Sweden and worldwide from a historical point of view; via effects and risks of socioeconomic inequity to methods of how to make children and youth more involved in strategic planning.

A newly released prevention publication "Safety of children & youths" consisting of statistics and evidence based practices, among other topics, was distributed to the delegates' in their capacity of child safety workers.

The second day of conference consisted of plenary presentations along with parallel sessions which included a wide range of perspectives such as a statistical update; home safety; safety in preschool and school; risk and environmental factors; leisure time safety; children's participation & involvement and young adults (15- 24 years). In relation to young adults, it has just recently come to Swedish authorities' attention that injuries are the leading and increasing cause of all deaths (65-75%) within the age group.

Some of the presentations were filmed, through collaboration with Karlstad University, to be used for education purposes.

The evaluation indicated that the conference had been highly appreciated from the delegates and it was also said to meet a long felt need. In the evaluation the delegates also indicated that the Child Safety Councils upcoming works towards preschool-/school were seen as a good initiative.

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