Several European Commission Directorates acting on TACTICS

On November 18, 2011 the European Commission Directorate General Health (DG SANCO) together with the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) hosted a workshop on TACTICS, the newly funded project of the European Child Safety Alliance. The purpose of the workshop was to provide relevant Commission staff with an overview of the project and expected deliverables and to investigate opportunities for building synergies across European Commission Directorates.

The workshop was conducted as a video conference between the European Commission Brussels and Luxembourg offices allowing attendance from 3 units within DG SANCO (health information, product & service safety, and health determinants) as well as DG Education, Arts and Culture, DG Justice and DG MOVE. Presentations and discussions focused on the needs the project is designed to meet, desired outcomes for each area of work being undertaken, and the proposed methods to achieve them.

All participants saw relevance of the child injury prevention work of TACTICS to current activities and future strategies within their DG’s and specific units. It was clear that they understood that although Ministries of Health take the responsibility to treat child injuries, effective prevention requires the adoption, implementation, and enforcement of evidence-based prevention solutions both within and across other ministries such as transport, education, justice, environment or enterprise.

Follow up discussions to the workshop and opportunities identified will take place with each of the DG’s in the coming weeks to maximise the project processes and dissemination of results for each of the prevention tools that will be developed within the TACTICS project.

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