TACTICS Scientific Committee At Work

Members of the TACTICS Scientific Coordinating Committee met in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 17-19th to further the work on several of the tools being developed as part of the project. Hosted by the Nordic School of Public Health, meeting participants were given a warm welcome by the Acting Dean Marie Beckman Suurk├╝la and spent the meeting discussing development and processes for the expanded Child Safety Report Cards, mapping responsibility, regional case studies and the Child Safety Index.

The TACTICS Scientific Coordinating Committee is made up of public health experts in the areas of child injury, inequities, health indicators, benchmarking and indexing, and sub-national policy management who are working to build on what was achieved through the Child Safety Action Plan initiative by applying methodologies from other areas of public health to child injury.

Their development work will be piloted by national and regional ECSA partners beginning in late 2011 through to 2013.

For more information and biographies on members of the Committee go to www.childsafetyeurope.org/tactics/project-partners.html.

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