Israel's Child Safety Action Plan receives government endorsement

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Congratulations to our national partner Beterem, which has won government endorsement of their Child Safety Action Plan. On February 19th, 2012, the government of Israel passed a resolution for "planning a perennial program to promote child safety in Israel" based on the work of Beterem's Child Safety Action Plan.

Beterem developed its Child Safety Action Plan (CSAP) as part of a European wide project run by the European Child Safety Alliance. Over 25 countries are in various stages of developing CSAPS, which are now being further supported under ECSA's Commission funded TACTICS initiative.

With respect for what a cross-cutting issue child injury is, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Health has been assigned lead to create a committee of senior members from the following Israeli Ministries: Health, Finance, Public Security, Education, Interior, Welfare and Social Services, Industry, Trade and Labor, Transport and Energy, and Water Resources.

Beterem will provide professional support to the Ministries and guidance on the development of the government work plans. Representatives from further authorities, such as the police, justice, construction and environmental officers, will also be included in planning.

The Finance Ministry will allocate a budget for the Ministry of Health to implement the Government Resolution in 2012. According to the Government statement, the Multi Ministry Committee should present a report within one year which:

  • Maps the status of child injury and policies in Israel
  • Sets out goals and perennial work plans for each of the Ministries, including focus on child safety issues in Arab communities, and examination of the need for a national injury database
  • Specifies nationwide and inter-ministerial aspects for promoting child safety in accordance with current ministerial work plans.

Read more about the European Child Safety Alliance's Child Safety Action Plans.

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