ECSA Winter Workshop Presentations Now Available Online


The European Child Safety Alliance held an all day workshop in Brussels on December 4 2012 in connection with the biannual member's meeting. The presentations are now available to be downloaded at the links below.

The morning session centered on child bicycle safety in Europe. Country and EU experts presented on strategies to address child bicycle safety, including strategies to increase bicycling and bicycle helmet use as well as engineering/environmental modification solutions. After several very informative presentations, discussions were held to identify priorities. The presentations and discussions highlighted the need for a combined approach including education, engineering and enforcement strategies to provide layers of protection for child cyclists. ECSA will work collectively with injury prevention experts over the next year to prepare a tool kit to share and use at the European, national and sub-national levels to support consistent communication of evidence-based strategies to reduce injuries while bicycling.

The afternoon session centered on potential strategies to advance integration of child injury prevention into relevant professional curricula across Europe. In addition to the presentations linked below, Karen MacFarlane of Children in Wales and Peter Spitzer of Safe Kids Austria gave spoken presentations. The presentations highlighted the need for the core elements and principles of injury prevention to be shared with, understood and applied by not only health professionals but also other relevant professions that have an impact on injury reduction and prevention such as teachers, engineers, architects, urban planners, etc. Opportunities to partner with European academic organisations to encourage the uptake of child injury prevention core concepts into academic settings will be investigated in the coming months.

Presentations: Moving child bicycle safety forward in Europe

Morag MacKay, European Child Safety Alliance
Bicycle safety for children: overview of evidence based good practices

Robert Ekman, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
The Swedish Bicycle Helmet Initiative

Jana Feldmane, Ministry of Health Latvia
Child cycling safety in Latvia presented by Morag MacKay in Jana Feldmane's absence

Luana Bidasca, European Transport Safety Council
BIKE PAL Project

Barbara Schürch, Swiss Council for Accident Prevention
Road Safety Education in Switzerland

Presentations: Country examples of capacity building strategies and education materials to integrate child injury prevention curricula

Martina Abel, SafeKids Germany
German Curriculum Child Injury Prevention Modules

Sheila Merrill, RoSPA England
RoSPA Home Safety Training

Emanuela Sirlican, Center for Health Policy and Public Health, BBU, Romania
SMAART Campaign: Start the Anti-alcohol Movement Among Teens

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