Kick Off meeting for the PROSAFE Joint Action on Fireworks

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On May 25, PROSAFE, a non-profit professional organisation for market surveillance authorities throughout the EEA, led the kick off meeting for an EC funded joint action on firework safety.

The project's primary objective is to improve the safety of fireworks for European consumers by sharing and adopting best practices. 27,000 injuries are caused every year by the use of fireworks, many of the injuries causing serious burns to hands, face and eyes, and over 50% of the victims are youth aged 0 – 19 years.

This joint action, in which 10 EC Member states are directly involved, will focus on the principal hazards that the fireworks from category 1 (very low hazard and negligible noise level), 2 (low hazard and low noise level) and 3 (medium hazard) present as a consequence of non conformity to the Directive 2007/23/EC and CEN standard EN 15947.

The meeting brought together all relevant players (stakeholders from the manufacturing, importing, distribution, regulatory, consumer sectors, test laboratories and countries representatives) and maintained a special focus on fireworks produced in China, which make up 95% of the European imports, as well as focus on online sales.

Claire Weber of the French Consumer Safety Commission (CSC) and European Child Safety Alliance partner said of the meeting that

"It was the occasion to draw the attention to the Directive 2007/23/EC and its minimal requirements that produced significant differences from one country to another in the safety requirements for products being placed on the market."

She added that

"Any progress that the PROSAFE Joint Action could make towards harmonising the safety provisions for fireworks would be a valuable contribution to improving the safe sale and use of fireworks".

Results of this joint action will be released in 2014.

More information on the joint action is available at

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