New ECSA Website Feature: Unsafe Products Link

Unsafe product recalls

Concerned about the number of injuries caused by dangerous products and toys being sold in the European Union, ECSA had added an "Unsafe Products and Recalls" button to the front page of our website. This button links to the weekly European Commission unsafe product reports. The reports, produced within the RAPEX notification system and released every Friday, specify which products have been deemed as causing a serious risk, and what measures have been taken by the reporting national authorities. A list of national contacts for reporting unsafe products is also available at the Europa link.

Children's toys, clothing, and childcare articles often make up the majority of items deemed unsafe. For example, the most recent report for the week of March 9th, 2012 includes a number of toys, dolls, stuffed animals, clothing and costume items, as well as sporting equipment and childcare articles such as high chairs and baby walkers. To reduce injuries to children caused by choking, suffocation, burns, and falls, ECSA encourages individuals and authorities to report all injuries caused by faulty or poorly designed products. Whilst Europe is improving regulations and standards for children's products, those efforts can only be effective through enforcement.

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