ECSA presents at ISCAIP's Biennial meeting in New Zealand


Dr. Jean Simpson President ISCAIP, Dr. Russell Willis New Zealand Commissioner for Children, and Joanne Vincenten and Morag MacKay of the European Child Safety Alliance.


Child injury prevention experts around the world gathered at the International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention at their biannual meeting in Wellington New Zealand. The one day workshop was opened by Dr. Russell Willis, New Zealand Children's Commissioner, who communicated children's rights to safety and discussed the profound lifetime effects which caused by adverse incidences in early childhood.

A morning session was held regarding the challenges of getting child safety on the agenda with participation of the European Child Safety Alliance. Morag MacKay of ECSA provided a presentation on influencing the uptake of evidence-based child injury prevention good practices: Experience with Good Practice Guides in Europe and Canada.

Discussions continued in the afternoon with an innovative children's and young people's presentation sharing how adults should take their responsibilities seriously and that children have rights to be heard.

ISCAIP meeting and events of the workshop.

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