Project calendar


The TACTICS initiative runs from April 2011 to April 2014. On this page you will find a 4 to 6 month at a glance calendar of actions being undertaken in the project, which will be updated on a regular basis.

January/February/March 2013

  • Joint meeting of Work Package Leaders and Scientific Coordinating Committee in Gothenburg Sweden
  • Project Secretariat continues to work with partners on final Children and Violence Prevention Report Card drafts
  • Secretariat drafts European summary report card on Children and Violence Prevention
  • Planning for launch of Children and Violence Prevention Report Cards continues
  • Team at Maastricht University completes drafts of reference frameworks to support development of rapid appraisal management tools for regional case studies.
  • Team at Maastricht begins analysis of national case studies and organigraphs (mapping of responsibility exercise)
  • TACTICS Secretariat participates in organisation of "Child Health Research, the Key to a Healthier European Society" joint meeting to celebrate European child health research and launch their reports in Dublin in May
  • Team at Swansea University begins development of a tool for piloting a bottom up approach to a Child Safety Index
  • Work on Child Injury and Inequality Report initiated
  • Planning for second evaluation panel and evaluation survey initiated

April/May/June 2013

  • Team at Maastricht University develops rapid appraisal management tools and regional case studies based on rapid appraisal method begins in six regions in countries participating in regional work
  • Second evaluation panel held
  • Analysis and reporting on mapping responsibility for child injury completed
  • TACTICS Secretariat participates in the joint meeting "Child Health Research, the Key to a Healthier European Society"
  • Team at Swansea University tests tool in Wales and prepares for piloting in six regions in fall 2013
  • Work on Child Injury and Inequality Report continues
  • Site visit to Romania and assessment of progress on development/implementation of Child Safety Action Plans with country partners