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What is the Child Safety Action Plan project?

The Child Safety Action Plan (CSAP) project is a large scale initiative whose aim is to develop government endorsed national action plans in countries in Europe that enhance child and adolescent safety by increasing awareness of the injury issue and uptake of proven prevention strategies by government, industry, professionals and organisations in areas that relate to child and adolescent safety, and families themselves.

The initiative is led by the European Child Safety Alliance in partnership with the European Commission, the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), UNICEF, the Universities of Keele and the West of England, WHO - European Office and partners in each of the participating countries. Two phases of the project have been funded by the European Commission. The first phase involved 18 countries and ran from 2004-2007 and the second phase involved 26 countries and ran from 2007-2010 (details regarding participating countries can be found in the brochures below). Although the Commission funding for CSAP is now over, the Alliance continues to support its partner countries in developing and implementing their national child safety action plans. In addition the new TACTICS project provides an opportunity to continue monitoring country progress and explore application of concepts and lessons learned to sub-national levels.

The project consisted of three broad areas of activity to support member states in reaching the desired outcomes of a government endorsed national child safety action plan and increased capacity at the national level to undertake such activities:

  1. Encouraging adoption, implementation and monitoring of evidence-based good practices
  2. Child safety report cards and profiles based on a set of standard indicators including action indicators
  3. A Child Safety Action Plan development and mentoring process to facilitate country partners in national plan development.

Click here for an update on each country's progess in CSAP development and implementation (PDF 24kb).

More information on the child safety report cards can be found on the Child Safety Report Cards page, and where available information on individual country plans (as available) can be found by country using the map on the home page.

Project resources

Child Safety Action Planning Update Child Safety Action Planning

Action Planning for Child Safety

An overview and progress report on Phase I of this strategic and coordinated approach to reducing child and adolescent injury in Europe, including a more detailed description of the process. An update of progress to the end of Phase II is available for downloading.

Action Planning for Child Safety (PDF 4mb).
Action Planning for Child Safety update (PDF 16.7mb).

Other project resources

Child Safety Good Practice Guide
CSAP brochure Phase I (PDF 211kb)
CSAP brochure Phase II (PDF 1.8mb)