Children in Hot Cars: Often a Tragic Mistake

Children in cars

A 6 month old baby girl died last week in Belgium when her father forgot to drop her off at her day care centre before driving to his office. This tragic mistake is actually a common scenario in infant and toddler fatalities in hot cars. Also, last week in England a 20 month old and 2 year old child were rescued from a hot car when their parents left them in the car while running errands. The parents had left the windows cracked open on this 27 degree day, however, even after 9 minutes the temperatures within the auto had risen substantially. The parents will be charged with child neglect.

Child in car

The temperature of a car can rise 10 - 15 degrees Celsius every 15 minutes, and heat stroke (hyperthermia) can occur very quickly. Hyperthermia is already a risk on days as mild as 22 degrees Celsius.

For more information on hyperthermia cases in Europe, and how to minimise the chances of putting your child at risk, please see our factsheet, Never Leave Children In Cars.

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